BMW G21 1.48

The vehicle is as shown.
Everything Works Active

Faruk Aygun


6 thoughts on “BMW G21 1.48

  1. Conflict with Audi e-tron and many other mods

  2. please fix the engine on this car top speed is like 160km/h and 6 speeds it needs to be 8 and max speed about 270km/h or tell me how to fix that

  3. オオシタユウジ

    BMW i8Roadster please

  4. please fix the blinkers…

  5. arda demirci

    Araba çok güzel ama 160 dan sonra araba çok yavaşlıyor ve belli bir hızdan sonra araba dağa hızlanmıyo ve gösterge hayalet olsa dağa güzel olurdu

  6. BMW M3 G80 2021 please

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