BMW i8 [1.30]

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What is new?
– Adapted for version 1.30.x
– New Camera Settings
– New xenon turn signal

I have full permission on upload and edit this mod! Thanks for permission Comodore!

Mark25, Comodore


23 Responses to BMW i8 [1.30]

  1. DeGelderseTrucker says:

    Thanks for putting a (Chrome says it) virus in the file, good Chrome canceled it, I’m not angry or anything, but maybe first go check with WinRAR if it has viruses, I really wanna play the mod, but I can’t cause Chrome cancel it for me 🙁

    • ETS2FAN says:

      What about you talking? Mod working good and files have no virus.

    • @dr_jaymz says:

      no viruses here dude…

    • DeGelderseTrucker says:

      It works normally now people 😀 Thank you!

    • tyler brown says:

      If you want to use the mod and chrome is blocking it go to settings click advanced look in privacy and security and uncheck protect you and your device from dangerous sites this mod is not a virus some say there is malware but there isn’t then if you don’t feel safe with it always off turn it back on after your done download the file.

  2. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30…

  3. kağan32412 says:

    which car this car is on

  4. Vlada123 says:

    which file should be transferred

  5. b00stgames says:

    Video Test HD:https:

  6. ets2 says:

    or buiy bmw i8 please I do not find it

  7. Oscar Allen says:

    Can’t find in any dealers please help.

  8. TeslaLover says:

    Hi you are really good at making mods, so please can you make Tesla Model S because I cant find it anywhere. Anyways you are amazing.

  9. Obreak says:

    Nice mod!!! Can u Made A45 AMG plz ???

  10. heber says:

    y el link

  11. minsu says:

    파일어느폴더에 넣나여

  12. juancax says:

    i cant buy it . what i have to do .
    I do not appear in any dealership

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