BMW i8 [1.31]

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What is new?
– Adapted for version 1.31.x
– Fixed Bugs on 1.31.x

Compatible with 1.31.x, 1.30.x versions game!

Mark25, Comodore


6 thoughts on “BMW i8 [1.31]

  1. Dealer ?

  2. Dont work in steam version 1.31. Cars are not in the any dealer

  3. pmg/ pmd/ pmc files from 2016! Old mod no update! Uploaded by Visitor who only steals mods! Felipe Conbar alias Visitor!

  4. RiflerGamer

    Work only on 1.30!
    Test video:

  5. Could you do a BMW e90?

  6. is not working file deleted

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