BMW i8 V3 – 1.25

BMW-i8-1 BMW-i8-2

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To – I have full permission to upload this mod!

IVECO Showroom

New things
– Sound FIX
– Recolor FIX
– Added Shadow
– New lights

Updated to 1.25

Fix by Sakamtochki
Thanks for permission from Comodore and Vilson (Thanks guys!)

Authors: Sakamtochki, Comodore, Vilson


13 thoughts on “BMW i8 V3 – 1.25

  1. What do you edited the files are from 17.07.2016

    1. NEW Video “Original copy”

  2. Version of this mod: 2.0. Date of files: 18 july. Fake!

  3. I think there are some changes at shadows and lights :/

  4. This is the second version, no changes

  5. Aneshu Dar Avordid

  6. Нет ничего нового ?? Полный отстой для 1.25.х ?

  7. How+to+install+this+mod?

  8. My Interior is Black? how i can fix it



  10. oi

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