BMW M3 E36

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1 Kabin
3 Şase (Standart, Basık, Ankara işi)
2 Motor (320i M3, 318i Standart)
2 Şanzıman (6 vites M3, 5 vites Standart)
3 Spoiler (Hamann, Evo, M3 GT Class II)
4 Egzoz (Stok, Warex, Yanık Uçlu, 5zigen warex)
5 Jant (Motorsport, BBS RS, BBS, Hartge, Viper)
2 İnterior (Beyaz, Krem)
Yeni sesler
Yeni fizik

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1 Cabin
3 Chassis (Standard, Low, Ankara Job)
2 Engine (320i M3, 318i Standard)
2 Transmission (6 Speed M3, 5 Speed Standard)
3 Spoiler (Hamann, Evo, M3 GT Class II)
4 Exhaust
5 Disc (Motorsport, BBS RS, BBS, Hartge, Viper)
2 Interior (White, Cream)
New sounds
New physics

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Original video :

Metin Tınaz


4 thoughts on “BMW M3 E36

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.31…

  2. Horrible plagiarism of Skoda number 10024 (I’m also counting the #### that all of you are teaching on other websites)

  3. Hilalimsin

    Hd video
    Bmw m3 E36 – Ets 2 [1.31]

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