BMW M3 G80 Touring 2023


– Very high-quality exterior & interior
– 4 color interior
– Excellent driveability
– Openable Front Windows
– Wipers work accurately
– animations
_gps with 5 display for the car
_the engine Sound for bmw V6
_original wheels
_Top Speed : 298KH the 7th gear
Access Mod Dealer > BMW


Denis215, Gaza


46 thoughts on “BMW M3 G80 Touring 2023

  1. pleass 2023 bmw m4 copetion or csl plssssss

    1. SO I ALSO THINK THAT the m4 2022 will be a good idea

  2. Niiice

  3. Nice Mod with great attention to details. Please add the Sound of the Engine. The engine noise is missing. Doesn’t feel like an M Series Car without the Sound!

  4. excellent

  5. i love the quality of the model, interior etc ! make sure to resize the car tho

  6. when lx570 yahia

    1. 2days i will upload

      1. When Will Yahia Abid Renault Master Mode Arrive? Happiness to See You.

  7. Klaus Schwab

    why are you locking the mods? why cant we edit them to our liking no more? this is unfair to us player base, no one is stealing car mods, is this like everything else now where we get no replies and our calls fall on deaf ears? i feared this day would come

    1. ---------------

      Justice, what justice are you talking about? You do your best for two weeks, then someone simply comes along and steals the amendment and attributes it to himself. Can you guarantee me that if I leave it, no one will steal it?

      1. Klaus Schwab

        justice, i didnt say anything about justice, where did i use the word justice🤔 you can lock them if you want, they are your mods ————–, i was just stating a fact that now, some of us who like to edit certain settings, are now restricted to default, thieves are everywhere, no sh!t, but these are not priceless artifacts lol, besides those loyal to the modder know who does the original work, im not against you, but i cant guarantee you someone’s not going to break into your house and r@pe you, can i ?

        1. ...........

          I will try to let’s my mods open just file engine and physic

          1. Klaus Schwab

            my friend, if you wish to lock your mods, do so, they are your mods, I as well as some others i know who play will be sad, but its how things are these days, im just thankful that your doing these mods, Also can you do some mods that are not euro cars for a while, im aware its euro simulator but there are some other car brands and models that would be good that are also sold in europe

  8. Ivan Handzhiev

    Bmw e60 soon?

  9. thank you brooooo i love you

  10. Kristijan_opc

    Please make limousine! Execellent mod!

  11. Onurs Father

    gps dashboard quality is low please update

    1. your MOTHERS MILK

      nice 😂

  12. The grip of this car is weak and the car holds the road poorly

  13. aleksandar

    why i cant hear the sound of the car

    1. remove all of the other mod and relaunch the game, should be fixed

  14. my game crashes whenever i try to drive it

    1. remove all of the other mod and relaunch the game, should be fixed

  15. ---------------

    i will update this car

  16. millionaire

    brother please i want pay for this add mclaren and aston martin db12
    rolls royce porshe gt2rs porshe gt3rs ferrari sf90

  17. Faceți un passat cc din 2010 va rog eu

  18. Is there a ATS version available I know the G21 M3 isn’t sold there but this car would be amazing for no hesi in American traffic

  19. Ahil Metodiev

    Amazing Job! Please next car Audi Rs7 or A8

    1. Patryk Mącior

      Please make Audi rs7 and audi s8 d5

  20. turns poorly

  21. gkvfjx gaming
  22. Tüm araç sürücülerine eşitlik

    iğrenc bir mod. kalitesiz iğrenç tiksindim

    1. kardeşim adamlar bu piyasaya yeni çıkdı bu yüzden böyle boktan modları var ama bunlar için gayet kaliteli bir moda ama bu modun sağibi nimit olsaydı herkez eliştiridi

    2. your MOTHERS MILK

      Equality for all vehicle drivers !!! 🤣, cant even get my old name right, get it right, it was “Equality for all car manufacturers” what a neanderthal

      1. ...........

        Please stop comments in here please don’t do any problem in here

    3. Onurs Husband

      Keep calm onur your mom liked this mod

  23. can you make BMW E90 320LCI SEDAN OR M3?

  24. Very cool 3d model, but wrong scale and breaks the MAN dashboard(. UI cool too. Pls Fix conflict with MAN TGX (and your Mercedes G63 UI conflict too)

    1. ---------------

      i will update next time

  25. yahia abed with a different name, can already tell from the pictures

  26. Dani Carlover

    im still waiting for an audi rs6 c7 abt

  27. Please! Honda s2000 with real sound 🙂 please, I want to convey the Varex sound to my bones. Denis215, Gaza?

  28. Hello Denis215, Gaza can i change a sound and sent to you? my email [email protected] pls sent me and me change to better

  29. I liked this car mod, it will be appreciated if you continue updating it to newer ETS2 Updates. It works for 1.49 version, fortunately. But i found some things you need to fix:
    1: The car is much bigger than normal, please modify car’s size to be equivalent to traffic cars;
    2: When I put in Photo mode, the camera always spawn beneath the street, being impossible positioning the camera to a better place.
    3: The central rearview mirror view looks like the mirror is placed upper than normal
    4: Taillights don’t reflect in the ground, even when you press brake button. This can be noticed when you turn blinkers on, you’ll see that only front blinkers will be reflected on ground.

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