Bmw M4

-1.44 Correction
-Organized ones
-Fixed the glass rain issue
-Physics has been corrected
-Fixed the issue of glass glare
-Fixed the glass reflection issue
– HQ Model
– Ao(Ambiyans Coating)
–New wheels

Halil YAVUZ,Mert İrşi


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8 thoughts on “Bmw M4

  1. Car is perfect but the windows must fix

  2. The Car is perfect but you must Fix the sound. They are not Realistic

    1. Bro why level 11 pls make it level 0

  3. paczekXgaming

    Pls BMW X5

  4. the car have a lot of truck sounds and there is a lot of small details that are missing not bad not good

  5. Fix windows plz

    1. And wrong scale

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