BMW M4 F82 and Modification By KadirYagiz

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Ets2 Bmw M4 F82 and Modification update [1.30]

3 parcaya bolunebilen farkli tamponlar
Farkli on panjur ve cerceveleri
Kolon demiri
3 adet tavan
15’ten fazla jant
yenilenmis fizik
Orjinal motor
yeni motor sesi
ve cesitli modifikasyonlar.


Different bumpers can be divided into 3 parts
Different front blinds and frames
Column iron
3 part ceilings
More than 15 rims
refurbished physics
Original enginie
new engine sound
and various modifications.

Game Versions: 1.30.x and over

Kadir Yağız


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17 thoughts on “BMW M4 F82 and Modification By KadirYagiz

  1. Automobile Freak YT

    hd test video at ….

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Nice HD Video Test 1.30…

  3. Great Work, can you make it compatible with Audi a8? Thanks

  4. AzoraxModdingGaming

    original car by buraktuna24

    1. Kadir Yağız

      No Burak tuna. Orijinal mod kadir yağız. burak tuna arranged the original mode. I gave permission to edit for Burak tuna.

      1. AzoraxModdingGaming

        no original mod is by BurakTuna24

        1. Kadir Yağız

          the original mode is mine. burak tuna has made a separate mode.
 this is mod v1
 this is mod v2
          and you’re a thief. you somebody else’s modes reupload

          1. AzoraxModdingGaming

            i never reuploaded any mods? xD i always make my car mods hahaha and i make my cars standalone unlike your skoda cars oh and if u are talking about Buraks Passat or Diablos Audi i actually have permission from them to edit those cars

  5. What changes?

  6. stefangamer70


  7. Nice mod!!! Can u Made A45 AMG plz ???

  8. HD+tested+video++Euro+truck+simulator+2+v1.30.2.2s+

  9. EinsTheOne

    I love this mod, I love the sound, I love the handling, I love the brakes, the acceleration and the way it looks…

    But can you please make the gauge cluster/dashboard work (stuff like the indicators on the inside, the handbrake sign and the “headlights on” little light) that’s the only thing missing from this mod, please fix it, PLEASE…

  10. Not being able to upload it onto version 1.30.2 for some reason? The game doesnt seem to have an error or anything, the vehicle just doesnt show at any dealership or anything. (mod is active)

  11. Password???

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