BMW M4 F82

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Ets2 Bmw M4 F82
Model: Asetto Corsa
Credits: Kadir Yağız
ao materal
five interior or exterior
Two Glasses

Kadir Yağız


15 thoughts on “BMW M4 F82

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  3. Very bad sound car mod…. so can you make a Lincoln MKC

  4. Encore un moddeur de merde qui s’y croit mais qui n’est pas capable de faire quelque chose sans merde, c’est toujours pareil, vous proposez des trucs d’arabes même pas travaillé.

  5. which software u guys use to make these mods? blender scs or zmodeler

  6. car100216

    M4 with Diesel sound lol

  7. Blender

  8. Kadir Yağız

    I use a blender

  9. Juan Camilo Penagos

    Where do I find the car? In which dealer?

    1. trucker elite

      hey bro you can find it in Mercedes dealer

  10. Wäre schön wenn der wagen auch den sportlichen sound bekommen würde.

  11. Hi, so far I loved the mod, something that I want to add or good … I do not know if it is possible, is that it has the rpm lights, as it has the Mercedes SLS amg, just curbear those lights to the outline of the revolutions so that it is like in real life, I would expect an answer if it is possible to wait for it with ages, thank you very much, the mod is great,
    by the way … do not touch anything to the engine, is perfect the other engines are unreal and take off like rockets: v, blessings and success.

  12. Abi oyun crash oluyor

  13. not work!

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