BMW M5 E39 Fix

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→ 2 Çeşit Kabin.|(Normal & Kamuflaj)
→ 1 Şase.|(Renkli & Tuning)
→ 2 Motor Seçeneği.|(5.0 MPerformance & Skoda)
→ 1 Şanzıman.
→ 1 Jant & Lastik.|(M5 Orijinal)
→ Tüm Renk’ler Çalışmıyor.
→ Lightmask Yapıldı.
→ Ao yapıldı.
→ Anim’ler Çalışıyor.

Oyun Bilgileri;

→ 1.32’de Çalışır.|(Alt Sürümler Denenmedi.)
→ Tüm Galeriler’de Çıkar.

İnsan’lar İçin Bilgilendirme!
→ Tekrardan Edit Yasak.
→ Link Değişmek Yasak.
→ Tekrar Upload Etmek yasak.
→ İnsan Olan Anlar Zaten.
→Yapımcı: Salahov



→ 2 Cabin.|(Normal & Camouflage)
→ 1 Chasis.|(Paintable & Tuning)
→ 2 Engine Option.|(5.0 MPerformance & Skoda2)
→ 1 Gearbox.
→ 1 Rim & Whell.|(M5 Original)
→ All Colors not working.
→ Lightmask working.

Game Features;
→ Works at 1.31.|(Lower Versions Not tested.)
→ Showing in all galleries.

Information for People!
→ Not Edıt.
→ Not Reupload.
→ Not Change Link.
→ Not Rework,V2,Edit,fix,standalone NOT NOT!!
→ Moments that are human.
→ Author: Salahov

FİX: Semih Köseoğlu
You can get it from the DAF gallery.
NOTE: If you receive a tab error Type g_susp into the console, then press “TAB”.
Type 0,1 at the end of the completed word and press “Enter”

Salahov,Semih Köseoğlu


8 thoughts on “BMW M5 E39 Fix

    1. Yes, more and more Waste is coming up here. 🙁

  1. :thumbs_down:

    Another #### car mod based on Skoda…..


  2. iTzSplashed

    Don’t see any M5 E39 in those pics

  3. Please fix BMW e90 for 1.34 please

  4. Why is this car jumping?!

  5. bulls…

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