Bmw M5 F10

1.43x Fixed
-Organized ones
-Physics has been corrected
-Fixed the issue of glass glare
-Fixed the glass reflection issue
–Fixed the mirror glare issue
-İzmir plaka has been changed
-Chrome mats have been replaced
-Added a new rim+Pattern
-The interior trim has been overhauled
-Steering wheel coverings have been overhauled
-Fixed wiper coating
1-HQ Model
1-4 Cabin
2-2 Chassis Low-Normal
3-Real Sound
4-HQ İnterior
5-2x Plate-Ankara-Erzincan
6-2x F-İntake Grill
7-3x F-İntake frame
8-5x Rim
9-4x Armchair
10-3x Ceiling
11-3x Cockpit
12-2x Gear
13-3x Steering wheel Drum-M4 Sport-M8
14-Exterior Steering Wheel Animastion
16-Animation an ornament of smell
17-Bonnet Animation

Mert İrşi-Hüseyin Beşparmak-Halil Yavuz-Mustafa Osma-Nimit-Eren Geçkin


8 thoughts on “Bmw M5 F10

  1. Make Bmw m2 pls

  2. lukaszeeek

    can dds change license plates?

  3. Can you make the speedometer screen show something?

  4. marshall

    can you make volkswagen golf 8 r line pls

  5. 김재성의 지혜

    Are you kidding me? I stepped on this car and it’s a sudden rash. And bugs… What is it? This car is so annoying.

  6. Bu mert diye birinin yaptığı 06 BUF plakalı bmw değil mi

  7. Can someone make bmw e46 d/i please ?

  8. Miroslav Tsenov

    Hey guys, your mods ar einsane!! I love the BMW it’s so fun to drive and it’s realistic, can you please make an Audi RS7, i think there are so many audi fans here and we don’t have many good quality mods for Audi here, thank you!

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