BMW M5 F10 by BurakTuna24 – New Fix

-real motor sound ( stok v8 4,4 )
-bugs fixed
-original wheel set
-ao coating (berkaypekesen)
-Cabin accessories
-Gallery on daf
-the original interior
İnterior: Diablo
producer: BurakTuna24
special engine sound: Quaken

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5 thoughts on “BMW M5 F10 by BurakTuna24 – New Fix

  1. bence nizamettin akbaşın eski axorunu yap abi çok mutlu olurum

  2. Hi there! the car does not show in ets2 how can i fix this?

  3. daniele_yt12345

    this not F10 thi is F90

  4. But what version of the game in this mod? It still has the old sound system.

  5. Matixo1606

    I don’t see this car in any dealer

    Can you help me?


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