BMW M5 Touring Upgrade 1.30

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-bugs fixed
-original wheel set
-ao coating
-Cabin accessories
-the original interior

Diablo, GRM Modding, TruckersMP Team


15 Responses to BMW M5 Touring Upgrade 1.30

  1. Sandro Großhardt says:

    Pls Update to 1.31?

  2. ets2modtester says:


  3. fred says:

    which seller

  4. ets2mods says:

    add some window tint it will look sooooo much better and i will enjoy it more. good mod though

  5. edsor says:

    Correct the animation of the wipers, also the petrol engines because they have an unreal sound and increases the size of the onboard computer please.

  6. ETS2fan90 says:

    Please can you make Suzuki Swift mod Thanks!

  7. Bhagwant123 says:

    Crashing to ets2 v. why? while it is made for this version but crashing

  8. TareHDGames says:

    Can you make Volkswagen Golf 4 variant Please?

  9. Hriday says:

    i didn’t find the car

  10. Moh says:


  11. ets2modtester says:

    please update to 1.31

  12. Shadow says:

    Car is too fast for normal driving!

  13. DAVID says:

    can you make a E46 CABRIO model in ets2 PLEAS

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