BMW X6 M F16 V2.2 1.42


– Updated to game version 1.42
– Minor edits and fixes
– Reconfigured engine (improved realism)

*WARNING: High poly modification*


Nimit, VakkoTeam, HRS-Mods, RTA team


12 thoughts on “BMW X6 M F16 V2.2 1.42

  1. Александър Белев

    Please add the range rover sv autobiography 2021 please please please.

  2. Ten mod jest chyba zle zrobiony.Gra sie tnie 15-20fps max a na innych autach okolo 80fps

  3. słaby mod gra przez niego laguje

    1. Napisał ze high poling co znaczy ze jest wysiłkowa dla PC musisz miec mocniejszy pc

  4. Sorry. Not mening any bad but this used to be truck game?

    1. What I thought also. But now we find only any foolish People making Cars. 😒
      All this Peoples is the Reasons, why all the well known Modders does nothing more upload here.
      And don’t forget all the thieves like the newest, Ataberk.

      That’s the Reason, why we did nothing more since more than nearly one Year.
      The Community is becoming bad since a long Time.

      Not meaning bad, still the Truth.

      1. You dont have to use this mods but it is a cool that it works for me and some other peoples. So just let the people do what they want and if you dont want to use these mods, you dont have to use it.

  5. How to buy it, use it in game? I activated it but can’t find it.

    1. Extract the .zip and copy the .scs file to the mod folder.

      In-game, Mod Dealer > BMW

  6. Good mod! Good acceleration and deceleration ratio. Reasonable speed pick up. Nice gear shift sound. no serious understeering while turning in high speed at highway. This X6 gives me a great reality driving experience. I will choose this car as leisure driving throughout 1.42 update! Keep the work!!

  7. yan radeski

    mod range rover velar plese plese por favor

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