BMW X6 M – New Reworked Version

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What’s New:
1. Fixed Dashboard
2. Fixed Camera
3. Fixed Wheel
4. Fixed Interior Textures
5. Fixed Animations
6. Fixed Head Up Display
7. Add new BMW Logos
8. Add new Lights
9. Add new Engines
10. Add new Paintjob

Original Author: HD Truck Team
Reworked by: Mark25

HD Truck Team – Thanks for permission to edit & upload this car! ?

HD Truck Team, Mark25


8 thoughts on “BMW X6 M – New Reworked Version

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. Wrong IP

  3. игорь

    у бмв воздушная система тормозов?аха-ха

  4. hi, you have a very good mod but what i dont like is the excessive acceleration when you launch. i love your mod

  5. Very Bad mod!

  6. That is the normal X6. Wrong front bumper, wrong mirror shape.

  7. hello

  8. Not working

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