BMW X6 M v2.0


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Prescribe in the showroom Iveco.
What’s New:
1. Fixed camera camera , now under the ground is not going away
2. Fixed wheel
3. Altered interior texture
4. Fixed animation
GPS Toggle purpose flashers
————————————————– —————————–
Mod created a team of “HD TRUCK TEAM” .

!!! It is forbidden to alter perezalivat and other file sharing !!!
!!! Have a good game !!!

Stas556, Mishanka, Fire-Blade, Kriechbaum, Gerald Hardie


22 thoughts on “BMW X6 M v2.0

  1. Fin_Thunderstorm

    Is that caravan coming in this mod? If not, where I can download it?

  2. RhastalordTV
  3. DigiTaL_MaN

    Hi my brother. Can you give me the real name this car in the def directory please? i will make a toyseat def

  4. TheScania730Dude

    I think so far, this is the best car mod ever made for ETS2!

    Not only does it sound incredibly awesome, it also drives Really really well! You surely get the proper feeling that you’re driving along with the AI-traffic without feeling that you’re driving 300kmh.

    The Gauges/speedometer works properly, indicating the correct speed you’re traveling! (only downside is that in my opinion the numbers of the speedo should be slightly adjusted so it is easier visible for people with smaller screens). Even the way they made the GPS work and the Multi-interface center console screen, Superb!

    Though a few things I’d love to see personally added on to V2.1;

    -Interior options; The Current Black interrior and as well a full beige interrior maybe even a two-tone option to have Beige/Brown as well; with optional Trim to be able to have either a Bare Silver, Piano Black or Walnut Wooden inlay.
    -Extra set of rims; I do love the current ones, but I think there will be people that love to have a set of fancy other BMW rims for the car.
    -Cabin Addon/DLC placements on the center arm-rest to Gear-leaver area, these may perhaps be used for like a cup or for people who want to make a larger pack with extra Cabin stuff such as Coffee mugs from Starbucks/McDonalds, Water bottles, random papers or folded up route maps and so on…
    -A tweaked Gearbox, that, if Automatic, perhaps shifts up earlier and sticks around 2000-2500rpm’s as on the Real BMW’s that shift up quicker, (Inoticed doing this myself with manual sometimes glitches the gearbox too, loosing power on low RPM’s when I shift down while breaking for example; exiting the motorway to go through a large C-turn to enter a junktion below, perhaps this is just me, or could this be looked after? Many thanks in advance!)

    I hope these idea’s would be nice to be added, so far just suggestions but perhaps other people like to add a few things to it as well, the the list I wrote down above, again, superb work on this BMW X6, and I am looking forwards to see many more car-mods like this one, whether that are fancy sports cars like a classic Porsche 911 Turbo, or a proper made utility van.

    Enjoy your driving!

  5. It have very bad brakes 🙁

  6. Please fix the Trailer. it swings around, and stands vertically on the company.

  7. Great work, but brakes like a freight train. Fix it plz

  8. The Stoner

    Hi guys were do I find it

  9. Were i find it?
    I only have activated this mod, but i don’t find it.
    Is this mod only in one store available?

  10. What are the controls for the center Console, so I can bring up the GPS.

    If they are in the .zip folder the mod comes in, then what is the password as I can’t access anything inside it. (Using Winrar)

  11. What are the controls for the center console as i can’t seam to bring up the GPS

  12. The download link does not include the BMW X6, please check it

  13. The wheels don’t work if you customize the car in the upgrade shop with the ultimate wheel customization! Please fix!

  14. Fozla Rabbi

    bro make another new model BMW car mod……..

  15. ver good¡

  16. I+can’t+find+it+in+the+Iveco+dealer…

  17. I can’t find it in the Iveco dealer

  18. Wo finde ich den Anhaenger?

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