BMW X6 v 3.4.2 + News

BMW-X6-1 BMW-X6-3 BMW-X6-2

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Compatible for 1.22.x
You can try on 1.21

* BMW X6 v3.4
* BMW X6 Sounds
* BMW X6 WheelPack v1
* Trailer for Cars

– Compatible with Accessory DLC
– Hologram waycomputer
– Speedlimit on front glass
– sunroof
– sounds
– rims
– Speed, rpm , water and fuel niddles
– Indicator vs (light,fuel…) warning lights
– Speed warning sound (120KM/h)

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Mod Request ($) & Contact : [email protected]


Author: Furkan Şevke


9 thoughts on “BMW X6 v 3.4.2 + News

  1. “Mod Request ($) & Contact”
    Who would pay money #### like this? Full of errors, it even breaks the photo mode lol, What a piece of shet!

  2. I am tired to see this BMW X6 at each game’s update because each time there are more and more errors !!

    So from now if I want to drive a car in a video game I will use my asseto corsa / project cars / or even my old GTR2 , no more ETS2 !!

    ETS2 remains a trucking game that’s all and it is the best truck game I know and I love it , so no cars !

  3. Which is the mod with snow in the 2 picture?
    (sorrry for bad english)

  4. Zallamann

    This BMW X6 test video 1080 HD
    Обзор BMW X6 видео HD

  5. ets2modder

    it would be nice if the speed warining is turned off. If you are driving on a 130+ highway it is getting quite annoying. Further a great mod

  6. it would be nice aj happy

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