BMW X6 V1.6


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– Add better rims
– Add original BMW Enignes
– Add new chassis

Tested: 1.24x, 1.23x

ETS2Modder, BigTrucker, Fizzzz1774, HD Team


10 Responses to BMW X6 V1.6

  1. fregaropa says:

    Why reupload the X6 50d mod over an over again with the X6M photo ? It always has only one pair of rims , one engine and only one chassis. I don’t get it.

    • Guest says:

      Because its SAMO aka ETS2″Modder” aka Mod stealer. Stolen mods and poor def edits? Its 98% SAMO. Thats why!

  2. DAEWOO says:

    Tell compressed file password

  3. Minecrafter says:

    This is Sleswick-Holsatian Car Called BMW X6

  4. Emre Kanal says:

    It clicks when you press the brakes and change gears and press the gas

  5. Abderrazaq says:

    440 MB

  6. Jamaica Irea says:

    engine sound is not right

  7. yewon says:

    file not found

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