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Maud created a team of “HD TRUCK TEAM” as a gift for the New 2016 users
Forum Congratulations to all of the holiday !!!
Follow the development of our modifications, and others can be downloaded on our
official resources :
– site:
– Facebook:

!!! It is forbidden to alter perezalivat and other file sharing !!!

!!! Have a good game !!!

Stas556, Mishanka, Fire-Blade, Kriechbaum, Gerald Hardie


34 Responses to BMW X6M HD-TRUCK-TEAM

  1. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    HD Test Video…
    BMW X6M + Camping Trailer *HD-TRUCK TEAM*

  2. Adrian G. says:

    Outstanding car mod, it shows that BMWs can be improved over other existing incorrect and often tricky configurations. The only thing that needs some tweaking is that truck starting sound of the engine, otherwise it’s an excellent car configuration and much stable to drive than other BMW configurations made by other developers.

    My point is that when something really works as it should, don’t mess it up. Keep up this excellent work in the future as well.

  3. don says:

    i thought it was not right to charge for mods

  4. Domenico says:

    Quando premo il tasto esc mi esce steam: il gioco ha smesso di funzionare
    Come mai? Ho la versione 1.22.2 con tsm map 6.2
    Grazie e buon lavoro
    PS: Complimenti davvero per l’auto.

  5. Domenico says:

    When I press the escape key exit to me: the game has stopped working
    Why? I version 1.22.2 with tsm map 6.2
    Thanks and good job!
    PS: Thank you so much for your car.

  6. Akula says:

    ‘The #### is this FurkenSevke BMW’s copycat ?

  7. Djdariuxx says:

    Maybe there is this mod skin template?

  8. Deadface says:

    THIS CAR EATS FPS FOR Breakfast!! (just a warning)

  9. RhastalordTV says:

    1080p60fps ᴴᴰ Review Video of Mod

  10. Verdi says:

    Best car mod ever made 🙂

  11. Гоцман says:

    Can you make a version for weak computers?

  12. Space Cam says:

    they should have made this mod so low and high gpts computer can use it. it is a real nice and detailed mod, but because its high definition it does not drive smoothly, so if the HD team could make
    LD mod that would be real cool.

  13. Matthijs de Goede says:

    Please make Mercedes-Benz S-Class!

    • Adrian G. says:

      I second that, a Mercedes Benz AMG C-Klasse would be perfect.

      I keep my fingers crossed for this.


  14. BitterbalNL says:

    It would be nice if there is a camera in the GPS/Dashboard screen when you put the car in reverse.

  15. truckerFR says:

    link dead

  16. For says:

    link doesnt work guys

  17. fahrul says:

    change what truck?

  18. kokot says:

    link error

  19. silvi says:

    In What version work this????

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