BMW X6M + Trailer v 2.0 reworked


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– Compatible with 1.24 version game (Samo MODS 2016)
– Add better engine – BMW X6 50d
– Compatible with all DLC & ProMods
– No Compatible with Skoda Superb

For more information watch video.


Authors: Samo MODS (2016), ETS2Modder, HDTeam


12 Responses to BMW X6M + Trailer v 2.0 reworked

  1. ETS2Modder says:

    Sorry, on trailer wheel is a bug, i trying fix this problem 🙂

  2. Stas556 says:

    Авторы мода написаны неправильно, настоящие авторы здесь: Мод был сделан в качестве подарка к Новому Году группой “RTA”.

    Authors fashion written wrong, true authors here : Maud was made as a gift for the New Year Party “RTA”.

  3. LibertyPrime says:

    Get that work with skoda

  4. Simon Sunday says:

    There are some bugs, but if they’ll be fixed, it’s a good mod.
    A test video (with the bugs) is on my YouTube channel Simon Sunday.

  5. Guest says:

    Samo “mods” is a simple thief!

    • ETS2Modder says:

      This mod created by me “ETS2Modder”
      Samo MODS only REWORKED my mod. Please SHUT UP ##### “Guest”!!!

      • Stas556 says:

        Изначально 3D модели были куплены за наши деньги здесь:,
        Потом наша команда потратила несколько месяцев труда на конвертацию в игру “ETS2”. И потом уже подарили в качестве Новогоднего подарка людям!
        Так что если бы мы его не делали и не дарили, то Вы его никогда не переделали и не назначили бы себя АВТОРОМ!!!

        Initially, 3D models were bought for our money here:,
        Then our team spent several months working on the conversion of the game “ETS2”. And then presented as Christmas gifts to people!
        So what if we did not do and did not give , you ‘ll never altered and would not have appointed himself the author !!!

        • Guest says:

          That’s is correct Stas556! These kids think they claim other people’s work as their own. Making a big wave with nothing behind it. ETS2″Modder” and Samo”Mods” are simple thiefs! Thats the true. Simple! Poor def editors and terrible skining skills!

      • Guest says:

        F U!

        • ETS2Modder says:

          Shut up kid! I ####### your mother 🙂

          • Guest says:

            You are no modder! You´re only a faker who pretents to be a modder! Tiny little pictures can anyone skin. Why do you pretent to be a modder? You can´t get the display from PIVA to work on 1.23x or 1.24x! Did you even have the console on? You´re only a faker with little manners, copy a great mod a make #### out of it! But your last comment was so mean! If you are the mofo, where is my money? FAKER!

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