Board Fix


Now the board will be like real,
But you can`t drive through board.
This mod removes that logo`s on board.



11 thoughts on “Board Fix

    1. This mod is not same. I maked new,because on 1.9 don`t working from your link.
      Mine working,enjoy

      1. Apferreira Truckman

        Domas friend, look right to read what you write, I did not write that it is the same, only this mod reminded me that I posted last year and I’ve always used in any version, until today, and besides I think he or more is the link.
        Long Life and Prosperity …

      2. Aaaah,okay,sorry,all okay

  1. DONT download anything from Russian ………………..REMENBER Ukraine

    1. STFU you nazi pos . ### have games to do with politics ?

    2. It looks like he is a Lithuanian(Litwin), many of them speak Russian. Regardless, it’s a mod for a game, go discuss politics elsewhere

      1. Not many speak Russian,many Lithuanian hates Russia. It`s game not real life so don`t talk about ####… 😀 😀 ENJOY IN MOD!

    3. Apferreira Truckman

      YES! let’s just leave MacDonald, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Superman, Mickey Mouse, The Avengers, The Marines, The Drones and etc etc etc … come into our countries and maybe stop being ###### and underdeveloped that we are, and live happily ever after …
      alive! OBAMA our redeemer !

  2. Nickbum1Rus

    Ну и баянище… Или как там по-английски – Old Junk =)

  3. Guys,you are sily..
    I`m from Lithuania,not from Russia

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