Bollore Bluebus SE ETS2 1.41, 1.42 beta

Sold by a mod dealer;
2 cabins;
1 chassis;
Your wheels;
Your interior;
Your sound;
Is painted;
Various tuning;

Early experimental support for ETS2 1.42
Please note that some things may not work in Convoy.

For game version 1.41. x, 1.42 beta

Domcek, Etrusan


4 thoughts on “Bollore Bluebus SE ETS2 1.41, 1.42 beta

  1. S.E.X.Y...H.O.B.O

    I don’t know for the rest of you but for me the bus has no engine sound. Also, the steering wheel has no animation when turning.

    1. Its electric bus, so im sure it has some sound. You can use steam workshop, his mod is there too and works perfectly.

  2. Etrusan, i really like your mods. Can you do Isuzu Turqouise 2016 next? Its very similar to bus that can be seen in ETS2 AI traffic ( small coach bus, can be seen near ship and bus terminals).

    Here is link to one photo:

  3. Kwonsukwon

    I like the bus. However, it is inconvenient
    because it is not marked when rotating the handle.

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