Bonus Engine v 4.3.4

Bonus Engine

hello fans I am back and make one truck in time.
Renamed file name

Version 4.3.4:
* RPM limit for daf.xf engine
* One daf.xf badge bug fixed
* Transmission for Stewen Edit for daf
* Engine overhaul_v.1.05 engines
* Ulrashift 10b,10c,11,13,18 for daf
* Daf xf engines unlocks lvl max 100
* Daf xf e6 – badge bug fixed and engine unlocks lvl max 100

Authors: Human, scs, Stewen


5 thoughts on “Bonus Engine v 4.3.4

  1. Your game must be very very very old………………………………………

  2. no I have latesv game beta 1.22.x game version

    1. No you don’t. Buy the game. You are clearly using an old version considering the Majestic brand is far gone.

      1. mercedes.actros is in game however I add some time in new version of MA truck engines

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