Bonus Engine v 4.4.1


Fixed crashing when use BE engine in Volvo FH16 2012

If share other site please use original downloadlink !

Authors: Human, SCS, Stewen, araujo and araripe, adi2003de, vovangt4


10 Responses to Bonus Engine v 4.4.1

  1. cricri73 says:


    Crash Volvo FH 2012

    • Humanoid says:

      I am looking problem if find and fixed I upload fixed version

  2. cricri73 says:

    Thanks guy

  3. Sarvap Praharanayuthan says:

    Crashes for Volvo FH 2012. Tried installing 1700 hp engine.

  4. skinny says:

    not working for Scania r or steamline

  5. haenselw says:

    great mod, but still crashing @ Volvo 🙁

  6. Jakob Szymanski says:

    Ist crash on 1.22.x

    I try it on the Volvo FH 2013

  7. Thelegendskills says:

    For what scania does this mod work seems like some trucks the engines aren’t working transmissions are but without the engine there is not that many reason to get the better transmission.

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