Bonus engine v2.5


Engine files name modified to better add new engines if needed

-scani r seria

now can delete EnginesModV2 mod if like my changed engine mod more. if saw some error or is unlocking level,engine price too high then can comment . if needed i change priced and unlocking level but before i add 2-3 some engine mod too . if have wish to some engines what is missing then can suggest in comment



7 thoughts on “Bonus engine v2.5

  1. Hi, the game stop working when I try to start the engine on my old scania r730! Tried the 900hp and 960hp.

    1. do you using other engine mod and if then write what mod have or upload image those mods

  2. ok have you sell before old mod engine type. i look problem and solve

  3. Well, this is the only engine mode I m using. I was to the service, buyed the new engine,and when tried to start the engine the game stopped working.This happened in promods map. In TSM map the mod seems to be working (buyed new engine for Ren Magnum), and same in msheavyalex map (working on Volvo fh16 classic. The same happened with other engine mods in promods.

    1. so problem is only scania. ok i work moment problem and soon i upload fixed version when i have fixed

  4. good MOD. but, scania streamline engine not include? others engine 800+HP, streamline only 730.

  5. ok i am working for that, a am moment drive a man truck and test those engine but soon i can bought scania i test those engine and add same time. i plan add more engine and add some engine in between those engine what gap in unlocking level is too big and i plan add some real engine too like mercedes truck. so work and plans is big, hope. some new updated mod i make filename so that users can copy paste and override mod so is easy add updated mod.

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