Bonus Engine v 2.1


Changed man engine file name and new unlocking levels.
Please if have buying over 500 hp engines sell engines in truck store before replacing existing older mod.
If have problems then add comment in so short if can.

Authors: human, onick and some more


7 thoughts on “Bonus Engine v 2.1

  1. next week i relaese new improved and fixed version

  2. Sebastien

    Grillroom before of the truck is invisible to it, made seedy on the truck and a space at the level of the motor. Not terrible

    1. ok thanks i look and repair problem i hope game dont crash moment

  3. The Big Hole In The Front Of The Truck

    1. i know problem and fix them all and if saw same problem then dont post because i know what need fixed and working on and post new version. thanks for understanding

  4. Sebastien

    No Badge Grill

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