Booker Wholesale Trailer


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Booker whole sale trailer enjoy guys

Author: jako2015


2 Responses to Booker Wholesale Trailer

  1. Steini says:

    Hi jako,

    I don’t want to discourage you, but I see only minor quality from you.
    Make your mods with more love, invest, think about what exactly will you do.
    The preview video is wasted time, no clear drive, all fast fast fast…
    That here, sorry to say, big scrap!

    • jako2015 says:

      appreciate it pal but sorry to say im not here to please you i have limited time in the day to do free skins for you dont like scroll the #### on you wasted your own time typing that comment incase you hadnt noticed no effort was put into either the skin or the video lol when i have more time i will up the effort i put into my content until then keep the negativity coming i love it!!!!

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