Border Improvements Pack for ProMods 2.42 V 1.1

Changelog v1.1.0
fixed invisible walls atLetenye border between HR and HU and added some new signs.

This mods rebuilds old border pass in Promods 2.42

How to install:
1. Download the .scs file and place it into your mod folder
2. In mod manager place it above Promods 2.42



5 thoughts on “Border Improvements Pack for ProMods 2.42 V 1.1

  1. Hey i want to contact the dev “CrashCZ”

    1. JoachimK

      You can find him in the Promods-Forum under “Maps” 😉

  2. Ponchito Francia

    i love to have italia dlc map

  3. JoachimK

    Uploaded on: 2019-11-10 08:07:03 (UTC +2) by Visitor

  4. Stop+STOLE+MOD+!

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