Bottom and Front Slots DAF XF Euro 6

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Hello everyone, I have decided to release my DAF slots because nobody messaged me to trade mods for a week.
– slots for foglights
– slots for square lights and circular grill lights
– slots for mudflaps
– unlock at level 1 + very cheap

please note that it replaces the first SCS lobar, to make this clear I changed the name of it. Also note that the lights and mudflaps in the picture are not included but available for free.

now all I ask for is to not change the link…..

If you have problems, contact my instagram

SCS, Polltrans


10 thoughts on “Bottom and Front Slots DAF XF Euro 6

  1. do they work with schumi’s DAF?

  2. polltrans ets2

    I forgot to mention that they work with SCS and Schumi’s DAF

    1. FoxOnTheBox

      Awesome, thanks!

    2. Marc Ulfhedinn

      Hey Polltrans, this is a great mod, man. Will you do for all trucks? Dude, if possible will be really nice. Some trucks don’t have this option, like standard Scania S. It’s boring, because you can only insert some lights, if you put a bullbar.

      1. polltrans ets2

        Thanks, I’m not sure what truck to do next, my personal favorites are MAN and DAF and I have done those, I’m thinking about mercedes next.

        1. Marc Ulfhedinn

          Yeah, i checked both. Really nice. This mod offers an option which the game don’t provides. Being that in real life this is the most common thing there is. Customize the additional lights in truck. Pal, the Volvo 750 with that “diamond” metallic grill would be great with your mod. Thank you very much for your mod, bro!

    3. Sebastian Kügler

      Can you make Maingrillslots for the XF?

  3. Thanks for this mod! Finally i’ll give my DAF XF106 some style xD
    I always searched for this type of mod for the XF Euro 6

  4. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  5. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

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