Brake Balance and Intensity


With this mod you can brake while turning at moderate to high speeds without loosing control and flipping your truck.

Tested with v1.15.1.0


DOWNLOAD 2 KB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 2 KB [4shared]

15 thoughts on “Brake Balance and Intensity

  1. This is an engine mod for the Scania R, not anything to do with the brakes….

  2. This is not any brake balance & itensity mod its only 2000HP engine for SCANIA.R

    1. tej.F1.Fanatic

      I was asked by the moderator to change the filehost for another mod. Once I emailed the link, I think it got mixed up, you can use the 4shared link.
      Or here is the correct one.

  3. tej.F1.Fanatic

    Here is the correct link:

    The 4shared link is correct, it can be used.

    1. So this is means i can drive 200km/h and I should not turn up on the roof and when I press the brake should be a nice truck stop

      1. tej.F1.Fanatic

        No actually. The recent update, I think it was v1.14, changed the physics of the truck with the trailer and made it painfully difficult to even change lanes on the highway without losing traction and flipping over. This mod is for those who want the physics to be more like the earlier version of the game but it also has the driver movement feature from v1.15.

        1. i try it on and work fine i use 1000hp engine and drive more than 160km/h and my truck is so stability and have good traction

  4. is there any mod that I’m on the roof
    ..or disconnect the naves at prevrateni. co. too.Thank you Lucia

  5. ahojte..prosim vas existuje nejaky mod na to,aby som sa neprevratila,pripadne nieco take co ma vrati spat na kolesa,aby som nemusela volat servis??

  6. lol if you can’t drive with ETS2’s dumbed down physics please don’t become a truck driver in the real world.

  7. LionBuster


  8. Can someone convert this mod to .scs file.. I don’t kow how to use this .sii file.
    Or just give me instructions how to do it then I will learn new thing. Thank You.

  9. Can someone email me on how to make this mods work..
    I’m don’t know how to convert .sii to .scs. Thank You.

    Email: [email protected]

  10. Hi and thank you for your great mod (very useful for me when I drive Jeep, which is very unstable) and keep up the good work.

  11. Notplying

    anyone know how to install this mod?

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