Brakenhoff Transport B.V. (NL) Trailer

Brakenhoff-Transport-2 Brakenhoff-Transport-1

Brakenhoff Transport B.V. (NL)
Tested on ETS2 1.22.x
Standalone – In Traffic

You know how to install..

This was a special request for Brakenhoff B.V.

>>It’s not allowed to use my skins for other mods without my permission<< Happy truckin' Gr. Arthur Vince NL Authors: Arthur Vince NL, SCS DOWNLOAD 1 MB

3 Responses to Brakenhoff Transport B.V. (NL) Trailer

  1. Brakenhoff b.v says:

    hey arthur dankje van de trailer skin hij is geweldig kan je eventueel
    een combo skin maken??

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