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Map EAA – Exploring America Version 1.5.2
For the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.15.X (32bit.

This mod adds the Brazilian map to the original ETS2 map.
Major changes from the previous version of the mod:
– Conversion to version 1.15 of the ETS2.
– 5 toll Withdrawal of BR 116 south;
– Withdrawal of 2 tolls of BR 101 south;
– Withdrawal of 2 tolls of BR 277 west;
– Addition of names of gears in trucks;
– Addition of the port of Santos as liaisons with Europe;
– Addition of two new cities, Peruíbe and Santos;
– Withdrawal of all trucks and trailers national, leaving the user free to use the mod vehicle you want.
– Creation of the mountains of Anchieta and Immigrants linking Santos Capital with the same design of the real, even with the same amount of tunnels.
Among other modifications

List of Brazilian Cities in mod:
Rio Grande do Sul
Dairy, Caxias do Sul, Canoas, Porto Alegre, Osorio, Butia, Pantano Grande, South Cacapava and San Gabriel
Santa Catarina
Lages, Criciuma, Florianópolis, Itajaí, Joinville, New Fields and Mafra
Rio Negro, Paranagua, Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Curitiba, Ponta Grossa, Palm Tree, Irati, Prudentópolis, Guarapuava, Laranjeiras of the South, Cascavel and Foz do Iguaçu.
Sao Paulo
Registration, Peruibe, Santos and São Paulo.
Soon, more cities.


Map editing team: Roberto Restanho, jhonatan Siebel
Modeling Team: Filipe Sampaio, tonho Nunes
Defs team of engines and transmissions: Luiz Ferreira

DOWNLOAD 74 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 74 MB [sharemods]


28 thoughts on “Brasil Map EAA v1.5.2

  1. fake does not work on 1.5.2 or 1.82.5 version on both i have dont download this not 1.5.2 as it says

    1. Map is work,no fake!!!
      Instalation map:


      For ETS2 version 1.15.x 32bit only

      Map editing team:
      Roberto Restanho
      jhonatan Siebel

      Modeling Team
      Filipe Sampaio
      tonho Nunes

      Defs team of engines and transmissions
      Luiz Ferreira

      Bruno Barbosa
      Cicero Alves


      1.Copy the RAR file to the My Documents folder (or documents) / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod.
      2.Descompactar using WINRAR.
      3.Ao unpacking, the following file appears:

      – EAA V1.5.2.scs.

      – README-INSTALAÇÃO.txt – this readme … and serves for it … even to read !! THE DRAW

      4. Delete the RAR file source of mod folder. (save it in another folder as a backup)

      5. When you start the ETS2, start a new SAVE because old saves the EAA will no longer work.

      This mod works perfectly under the following conditions:

      1. Original ETS2 V1.15.X;
      2. With additional mods;

      SUMMARY: Within the game mod folder should be the following file:

      – EAA V1.5.2.scs.

      For questions and support, send us an email
      [email protected]

      Time EAA

  2. AlexCrazy

    geoff1 you are an ##### :))
    this is map 1.5.2 for patch 1.15 🙂

  3. like you for making this map why say its 1.5.2 version when its not your the #####

  4. Mapa je super a funguje bez problémů na verzi 1.15.

  5. geoff1 your ### 1.5.2 is the version of the game map and not to the administrators enter this site has all the updates it map.

  6. Works with TSM?

    1. it works with promods so I guess it will work with TSM but i haven’t tried it

  7. XTheAwesomeTorX

    Does this map work With promods?

  8. This map is awesome, works great having it running with promods & russiamap makes the map very big and varied

  9. map is works…just Read me

  10. lucas i wasnt talking to you

  11. tuhkustuhke

    cant open the scs file in 7zip “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”

  12. Can someone please tell all the map addons it works with?


  13. Hey ya want a map that gives you a run for your tireless v8 diesel that loves climbing hills and causing you to be a gear jammin truckin fool on ETS2 THEN this is the map for you !!!! I have the following maps all hooked up and running smooth as pie 1)ets2 map, 2) russian map 1.4.5 3) ro-map 3.8 and 4)TSM map 5.3. Im running the latest mod of k-100 truck and having a blast that won’t quit. What the big door bustin gift is you have such a total of places to go and loads to haul I’m speechless. The makers of this map have done an extremely through job of putting it together. The scenery and hills and mountains put the base map to shame. I have had absolutely no problems from the download to this point. I give the authors of the Brazil map EAA 1.5.2 a total of 11 out of 10 stars(OVER THE TOP) for the best map for ets2 AND I’ve ran dozens of map since ETS2 start and await the next edition of the map. Thank so much for you effort.

  14. Anonymous one

    Hi, thx for sharing.
    Does it work with ets2 1.15 beta 64 bits?

  15. sat_komando

    It works with TSM 5.3 + Easter Ekspress 5.0 + Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v3.0 🙂

  16. its fake ive seen this on other sites complantes that it dont download or crashes

  17. does it work WITHOUT dlc going east ????

  18. How do I make this work? I have downloaded the file (74MB) and can’t make the map work. Do I need to do anything else? Other files maybe?

  19. Trigger for toll booth north of Rio #####/Mafra is missing. Had to F7+enter.

    1. Found 2 more toll booths without a trigger. Game crashes in some cities when discovering truck dealer. I will be removing mod until it is properly fixed.

  20. Keeps crashing for me installs fine but once i get into Brazil and leave the port it keeps crashing (im running TSM and Russian good looking map once ive worked out the crash bit 🙂

  21. Guimarães

    Exelente mapa, muito realista, a mudança da caixa de marchas deveria ser adotada pela CSC num próximo DLC, parabéns a equipe EAA.

  22. rename the brasil map so it loads after the tsm map also trailer packs need to load after the brasil map it works for me with romap rusmap and tsm

  23. hi. i have ets2 1.15.1s (20DLCs). i unpacked the brasil map in the mod folder and started a new save but still i dont see the brasil map even when choosing for new headquaters. Im using ETS2 map. Please help. Thanx

  24. ok great map but does not work with tsm map 5.3

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