Brasil Total map v6.1 [1.30]

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Adaptation to 1.30
Required DLC East&Scandinavia.
DLC France&Italy you must disable.
After decompresses it is 529 Mb

minor fixes by SlavikSD

Fabiano Teixeira


22 Responses to Brasil Total map v6.1 [1.30]

  1. Beth says:

    Awww Why No Version Without Disabling France And Italy

  2. 5aha5 says:

    when you say to disable

  3. tum says:

    how to disable those dlc?

    • SlavikSD says:

      Make a copy of the shortcut on the desktop. Properties – the field Object. After the quotes put a space and write:
      -no_dlc eut2_fr eut2_it

      • qmx says:

        Thank You, man! Welldone!

      • walter says:

        Cuales son los archivos que debo copiar al escritorio o es el ejecutable al que hay que modificar espero respuesta gracias…

  4. kata says:

    Ne pas télécharger,cette map se superpose sur toutes les autres map de base !
    Le type a fait du sale boulot à l’arrache !

  5. Turn-and-burn says:

    First thing. I’ve been downloading mods….but this is first time I’ve just had to comment. So we have ETS2, ATS (disappointment) and now BTS. This mod is like getting a new game. Awesome!. Just 2 places….so far…where the metal guard rail is half into the lane. The AI can through it but not the player. Some of the hill grades cause an AI log jam. Just pass on the shoulder. I drove real for over 500K here in the U.S.. This mod will wear me down… it…:-). Run as new profile since it replaces UK, EU and Scan….

  6. Turn-and-burn says:

    For Araras delivery: First exit for Leme you fall through hole into space. Use second exit. 80kmh through town with giant speed bumps!???

  7. Turn-and-burn says:

    Cascaxe: concrete barriers and bridge supports in left lane, north bound.
    Olivern: overhead road sign support structure in middle of lane at overpass. Stop you dead.

  8. Turn-and-burn says:

    Get rid those speed bumps!!!…dam….

  9. Lena97 says:

    Standalone map ?

  10. Turn-and-burn says:

    Evaluation: I’ve only hit 50% after driving my butt off.
    Is this really Brazil? Don’t know, haven’t been there. Where I live and have been many times…USA. This is just like driving the Ozarks from Louisiana up through Arkansas and Missouri. Minus the palm trees. Experienced drivers only! A black top roller coaster.
    Some issues: speed limits are inconsistent. You won’t hit 80 much anyhow. (see pre-posts for other issues). Over all it’s good and a real drivers challenge.’s a stand alone map. New profile.

  11. asa says:

    this works great

  12. Keithd203 says:

    I’m enjoying the map, but there are many glitches. A lot of floating trees, rocks, mountains, fences, guard rails, did I mention the floating trees and rocks. I haven’t fallen through the map but I have seen holes in the map. I’d be happy to send you locations and screenies if you give me an email address. Also, the speed bumps are really ridiculous, are they actually that big in Brazil?

  13. Path Finder says:

    can you make this map as an add on instead of making brazil changing the whole game log

  14. Marcelobostero38 says:

    como descargo el mapa?

  15. black says:

    i cant unrar afther download i try to unrar with winrar program and have error file damaged

  16. kokito says:

    good dowload nice

  17. adrian says:

    que bueno

  18. adrian says:

    the graphic

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