Brazil EAA Bus Map 1.4


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This mod adds a Brazil map to the default Europe map. In this version, you can transport passengers (in Brazil).
In this version:
– Transport only passengers in Brazil
– Were added: VW Idealle, Elegance 360 ​​G7 1200, G7 DD 1800
– 8 cities were added

Archive password: exclusivoeaabus

Team EAA


7 Responses to Brazil EAA Bus Map 1.4

  1. codi says:

    It is neccesary either dlc ? What the game version ?

  2. леха says:

    Заебал выставлять коды

    • леха says:

      Нахер сливать кодированные файлы долбаеб

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a bus trip completed with the map….

    Picked up Diretores in Rio Grande
    Teleported to Uppsala
    Taking the long way back via waypoints
    & maybe do some bus dropoffs & pickups
    I’m sorry for some of my mods not working properly
    Dropped off Diretores in Bage 6190km run

    More information is in the video description.

  4. TaiwanOCZ says:

    Cna u just open Mapping?? We want edit pantjob for every bus!!

  5. lolek bolek says:

    Finaly something for slovenia 😛 why don’t u add balkan too ??

  6. nour kchouk says:


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