Brazil Map v4.3


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Version 4.3:

– 43 New cities (total 369 cities)
– South Region completely remodeled
– Breaking added springs (CAUTION, REAL WORK THEM SLOWLY PASS)
– More than 5000 kilometers of new roads and compiled roads.
– Several cities in ARGENTINA to CHILE Capital.
– Sierra de Los Carecoles (one of the most dangerous in the world) added.
– Several new stops by bus and truck on several roads.
– Found Correcting errors reported by map travelers.

Fabiano Teixeira

DOWNLOAD 250 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 250 MB [sharemods]

14 thoughts on “Brazil Map v4.3

  1. That was a wast nothing to show in video that it works and this is truck mods not a bus game wrong cattergry

  2. A large and good Map, is compatible with many mods.
    Good Work.

  3. Great map, but still a lot of bugs…

    trees and shrubbery blocks in some citys the streets and you can’t move on the other side to the loading or unloading area…

    on some places are signs on the road in the middle street.
    whats happened there?

    next bis point. why there is an BIG barrier in the middle of the highway between Santa Fe – Rosario (Arg), there is no chance to cross the street. or you made it extra? pls fix

    but totally a good job

  4. Hi. Great Map. Which City Is The Sierra De Los Carecoles?

  5. yükledim yeni porfil actım ama oyundan atıyor

  6. Valdir da silva

    O mapa e bom tem alguns erros como jogo fechando quando vai comprar um truck nomes de cidades brasileiras misturando com os do mapa original placas de sinalização sem nomes quebra molas sem placas fora isso ta bom

  7. RayFiftyOne

    If you want to build a map, in this case, brasil, don’t copy rotterdam and call it Barra do Garcas. Second, I had to drive on the right side of the road and the left side of the road in one trip. ###!! I saw a statue that you can find in The Netherlands. Be creative you lazy basterds.

  8. Why when i install this, i make a new profile and when it is loading crashes? Do i need scandinavia dlc?

  9. Its also impossible to get over the speed bump at Federico Westphalen in the west

  10. @RayFiftyOne
    thats because the only thing which he made is to modify the original europe map. have a look on the map overview, you see that are some roads are the same as in the original map…

    sorry guy but on the second look on this brazil map i want to tell you this it terrible. build youre own one.

    in each place were you added your own roads and trees and signs, everywere it’s buggy. but the most thing which i can see is that you added some new city on the old europe map and changed the signs.
    And have a look on your citys… they have all the some formation.
    Don’t use on each second city copy and past. plase -> be more imaginative!

  11. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here is a bus trip completed with the map.

    Picked up Passengers in Sao Luiz
    Teleported to Vina Del Mar CHI
    Dropped off Passengers back in Sao Luiz 6269km run

    More information is in the video description.

  12. Je viens de la commencer elle est très belle par contre à certain endroits on dois rouler à gauche comme en grande Bretagne
    est normal ou un beug ??


  13. Boa tarde queria saber se este mapa Brazil Mao 4.3 roda no ets2 1.10.1s

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