Brazil Map


This Brasil Map is from Sony. It is a new map so still has couple of bugs. It will be more and more better in the future!
Note: Seems like this mod just work on ETS2 1.12.x!



19 Responses to Brazil Map

  1. Experimental Trucker says:

    Hello. Been testing/playing with this for a while now.
    Some mods that I’m using may slightly change the way how the map originally looks….

  2. Human says:

    add brazilian map in backround.

    • petronny says:

      acuma spune si tu! Ce harta a Braziliei e asta in care apare semnul Uniunii Europene si semnele de intrare pe autostrada din Olanda?

  3. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Added a couple more deliveries…..

  4. bigboy says:

    does this work with other map mods or is this a standalone

  5. #1rednecktrucker says:

    Finally a map away from the european scene. I always thought too that there may be a mod map for south america since there are a lot of them who play this game as well.

  6. Tim says:

    Oh, totally realistic, with Brazil sandwiched in between the UK and eastern Europe…

    • Dejan says:

      Come on, it’s just the map I’m sure (visual map, not the one in-game). That wouldn’t ruin your gameplay. Don’t be too literal and close-minded, the guy just started making this map as he said.

  7. Adamisch says:

    Seemce that the download link is broken, can you fix it asap, really want to try out this amazing map

  8. cgaston says:

    Yes, please fix the link!!

    • cgaston says:

      I think this is a “sharemods” site! I just tried to dl the “Gesink Trailer”, and got the same error.

  9. warfreak says:

    super ugly map same as mmg map.. you used europian country map but not the brazillian map..

  10. Jercam says:

    New Profile?

  11. Welington says:

    Esse mapa é muito bom mais tem alguns bugs nele tem uma parte de estrada tem uma cerca no meio da estrada

  12. venntie says:

    die ausfahrt canon ist defekt bitte um fertigung

  13. yogybaer says:

    wie kann ich die befahren? habe tsm 5.1..
    antwort bitte in deutsch!

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