Brazil Total Map v.0.4.2.


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12 New Cities ( Total 326 cities )
Only works with Dlc Scandinavia and Going Est
Remove the previus versious map
Work work with pach of any charges, trailers and trucks

Credits: Fabiano Teixeira


6 Responses to Brazil Total Map v.0.4.2.

  1. maka says:

    Great Map

  2. Luis says:

    Fabiano very good job, many ramps to play with the gearbox and fun roads. Check level crossings, (they are put inside out) and the retarder sounds awful. I like driving your map.

  3. azumi66 says:

    Does not work for me,the game does not load.There are no other mod.

  4. geoff1 says:

    i thought this was for trucks not coaches why are people spoiling a game like this and turning it into euro coach sim rather than ets 2 which is how it should be, not coaches this mod is clearly iin the wrong place as this is trucks not coaches ,absulrlotly rubbish

  5. james says:

    I guess they don’t drive trucks only use public transportation HUH. You would think they would make the bus side of it as an optional load item. Because the buses take so much roadway to turn they more often than not run into oncoming traffic bringing the traffic to a complete fiasco.

  6. paulo says:

    agora so falta pegar as cidades da europa e mudar para as cidades da Africa , pois acho que perder tempo em mudar nome de cidades, ja que sabes editar , pq não fazer uma coisa descente .

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