Brazilian Skin Pack V5

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This mod changes the game for companies in the Brazilian and multinational companies in Brazil.

Tested on version 1.33.x.

What’s News:

DLC Beyond The Baltic Sea:

Baltic Companys:

Aerobalt – Rápidão Cometa
Agrominta – TGA Logística
Ateria – Transportes Prata
Baltomorsk – Tesba Transportes
BLT – Pacifico Log
BLT Yacht – GT Express
BLT Metal – Transpanorama
Cemeltex – Happening Logística
Domdepo – Ramos Transportes
EE Paper – Itaobi Transportes
Egres – Lunardi Transportes
Eviksi – WH Log
Fintyre – Lagoinha Express
IBP – Metatron Express
Kivi – Destak Transportes
Ladoga – Transportadora Zimmer
Lateds – Pozzer Transportes
Lintukainen – Tomazi Logística
LVR – Transportadora Rocha
NCH – Potencial Express
Nosko – Rota Sul Transporte de Cargas
Onnelik – Arlemar Transportes
Radus – Circulo Transportes e Logística
Renat – Coiote Brasil
Rosmark – Catto Transportes
Sal Fi – Rápido 900
Suprema – Expresso Petrolina
Ukko – Comando Diesel
Viljo Paper – Ferpol Transportes
Viln Paper – Translecchi Transportes
Zelenye – JadLog Transportes

Russian Companys:

Aerobalt – Transportadora Jolivan
Baltomorsk – Minuano Transportes
BLT – Della Volpe Transportes
BLT Yacht – Transportadora Veiga
BLT Metal – Unidão Transportes
Domdepo – Cruzado Transportes
Fintyre – Transeleri Transportes
IKA Bohag – Godoy & Batistella Operador Logístico
Kamen – Rápido Transpaulo
Ladoga – Amazon Fort Transportes Especiais
NCH – Brascargo Transportes
Ns Chemicals – TPF-Transportadora Porto Ferreira
Ns Oil – Dellmar Transportes
PK Medved – Transrodace Transportes
Radus – West Cargo Transportes
Rosmark – Transportes Silvio
Severoatm – Tquim Transportes
Suprema – Favorita Transportes

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Link Steam:


DOWNLOAD 42 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 42 MB [Mediafire]

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