Brazilian Skinpack V3


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Empresas Classicas:

BCP – Jolivan
EuroAcres – JSL
EuroGoodies – Correios/Sedex
FCP – Petrobras
ITCC – Cosan
KAAFOR – Carrefour
LkwLog – SADA
NBFC – Ipiranga
Posped – Ritmo Logistica
Sanbuilders – Rodonaves
Stokes – Coopercarga
Tradeux – Itapemirim
Trameri – TNT Mercurio
Transinet – Braspress
Treeet – TSV Transportes
WGCC – Shell
Scout Cars – Happenig Logistica
Sellplan – Extra

DLC Scandinavia:

Agronord – Binotto
Aria Food – Tora Transportes
BHV – Tegma
Drekkartrans – ID Logistics
GNT – DellaVolpe
Ika Bohag – Walmart
Konstnorr – Ouro Verde
Nordic Crown – Expresso Mirassol
Norrfood – Assai Atacadista
Norrken – Jamef
Ns Chem – Trans-Dupla
Ns Oil – RG Log
Polar Fish – Bellaver
Polaris Lines – Maroni Brasil
Vitas Power – Rapidão Cometa
VPC – Minuano Transportes
Renar Logistic – All América Latina Logistica
Sag And Tre – MTR Transportes



One Response to Brazilian Skinpack V3

  1. Theosz says:

    Por que a versão 1 altera os nomes/logos das empresas e esta não?

    Why the first version changes the names / logos of companies and it does not?

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