Brazilian Skinpack v7.2

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This Mod only modifies game skins, only uses SCS settings.

Some skins could not be adapted to birens, due to the size of the logo.

In this version modifies the skins of DLC Iberia.

DLC Iberia:

Agregados – Elemar Logística
APP – RWA Logistics
Cantera – Rodocell Logistica
Cantera DS – Buturi Transportes
Casa Oliveira – Transreal Logística
Cesta SL – Unius Logística
Cortica – GH Transportes
El-Vesa – Tomasi Logística
Elcano – Brambila Transportes
Engeron – Transportes Bertolini
Eppa – Lopes Alimentos
Huerta – Frutas Vicente
Iberatomica – Sirius Logística
Lavish Food – Piraju Transportes
Log Atlan – Mercado Livre Logística
RT Log – Do Valle Transportadora
Super Cesta – Rodorumo Transportes
TDC Auto – CTBotelho Transportes
Trans Cab – Mira Transportes
TS Atlas – EBMAC Transportes

Used maps:

Original map more DLC maps

Promods 2.61

RBR Map(except standalone companies)

EAA Map(except standalone companies)

RC Map (Traffic and European part only)

Tested on version 1.44.x

Please also keep the original link.

Link Steam:



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