Brazilian Trucks Pack v 1.4

Brazilian Trucks Pack (1) Brazilian Trucks Pack (2)

List of Trucks:
– International i9200
– International i9800
– Ford Cargo 4331
– Ford Cargo 4432
– Ford Cargo 4532
– Ford Cargo Novo 1932
– Ford Cargo Novo 2842
– Mercedes 1519/1524/1525
– Mercedes 1935
– Mercedes 1938
– Mercedes Axor 1933/2041/2541/2644
– VW 19-320
– VW 19-330
– VW 25-320
– VW 25-370
– VW 26-390
– VW 26-420
– Volvo N10
– Volvo NL10
– Volvo NL12
– Scania 111
– Scania 112
– Scania 142
– Scania 113
– Scania 143
– Scania 114
– Scania P360
– Scania 124

Version 1.4:
– Added Mercedes Benz Axor Truck

Tested on 1.19

Author: EEA Team

DOWNLOAD 568 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 568 MB [Uploadfiles]

21 Responses to Brazilian Trucks Pack v 1.4

  1. Shineslip says:

    Password: eaaalemdasimulacao

  2. Mayhem says:


  3. psynarcotic says:

    i cant unpacking this…not from sharemods,not from uploadfiles…is that password correct?

  4. psynarcotic says:

    ahhhhhhhh c=ç thank you….it unpacking

    i find not ç on my german keyboard

    • Theosz says:

      I can get letter “ç” keep pressing ALT key (doesn’t matter if the left or right side of keyboard) and pressing 135 number .i.e. while pressing 135 number keep the ALT key pressing.

  5. Haderajan says:

    It says broken or unkown format for me…….

  6. Theosz says:



  7. 211293 says:

    Wrong password!

  8. thamishetty says:

    exact password- eaaalemdasimulaçao just copy text nd paste in ur rar file ,,,, many many thanks for the authors of this mod,these many brazil trucks very very good ,to drive,different types of steerings,but only thing is engines not above 600hp thts the drawback,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but international 9300 9200 trucks driving is very very good u will definitely enjoy driving , activate in seperate profile so that u will not interact wth new truck mods ,brazil trucks in 5 dealers distributed search and enjoy every dealer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks a lot for the authors of this mod and please requesting to make new variety bus mod like jumbus 460 scania

  9. Diesel says:

    no puedo descomprimirlo. no me acepta la contraseña y me dice formato desconocido o dañado. que hago¿¿??¿?¿?¿?

  10. Iveco says:

    Thank you

  11. 10166TNT says:


  12. Theosz says:

    can’t edit manifest.txt to play ETS2 v1.20

  13. psynarcotic says:

    please update this pack for vers. 1.20

  14. Saer 1355 says:

    Can you please update it for v 1.21 of the game.

  15. gabriel says:


  16. Ale says:

    La contraseña es “eaaalemdasimulaçao” pero no copien y peguen, no lo toma. Debes tipearlo.

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