Brazilian Voice Navigation

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This Mod add Brazilian Female voice for navigation.



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16 thoughts on “Brazilian Voice Navigation

  1. hallo geht das auch auf deutsch , ist ja schonmal ganz gut gemacht

    1. doexpectnothing

      Du könntest ja auch die 1.35er OpenBeta installieren, dann hast du das auch auf Deutsch. 😉

      1. Muss man das dann in den einstellungen einstellen??

      2. S0repr0mt

        wie ist das gemeint? gibt es in 1.35 navi sprache?

        1. Ganz genau.

  2. Hello, can you make this mod with czech language? 🙂

  3. Legolas221

    Hello can you do the same thing in french please ?

  4. Hi LPMODS, thanks for the mod. I hope it will work later on the ProMods and the other maps.

    Many Greetings,

  5. Otimo traalho Faz com voz masculina BR por favor

    1. @licinio Obrigado pelo comentário. Sim esta nos planos para fazer uma voz masculina

  6. There is no mod, version 1.35 has the option to choose voice navigation. To activate voice navigation:
    1. Go to the Options
    2. Go to Sound
    3. Go to Voice Navigation option
    4. Enable the option and select the language

    1. Yes, but the portuguese language still not available…

    2. Since there are several languages to choose from, it should perhaps be called only Voice Navigation.

      Many Greetings,

  7. Dies wurde in Beta 1.35 hinzugefügt?

  8. I tried on version BETA and it doesn’t work 🙁

  9. Cleorides Lahóz

    Boa tarde,

    Este Mod adapta-se ao ATS? Ou tem que ser especifico?

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