Breast Cancer Aw skin


This is for all the ladies out there breast cancer awareness

shash Rage


3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Aw skin

  1. Martinchik

    my respect for the idea and skin
    could you do this skin please to the MP4 Lowliner from Danz ?
    My mum died on that type of cancer and i realy would like to drive that skin on a Mercedes .
    If you will do , thank you very much

    1. xshashxragex

      hi Danz i need to know which meredes u drive m8t plz go to fb and send me a pic my name is shash rage on there cheers as ive doen the skin but cnt find the truck

  2. xshashxragex

    hi danz sure m8t i start it now once done i let u know on the facebook page just look out for my name shash rage

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