Brick Trailer

– Standalone
– AI traffic
– Wheels
– AO texture
– 2 color (blue & Red)
– Mod manager ready
– Tested on 1.27

SCS, shoofer(E.M Team)


10 Responses to Brick Trailer

  1. Vinnie says:


  2. Andrew says:

    Адаптированный.Долго его ждал.Спасибо.)

  3. hzhrm6 says:

    great mod!!thanks!

  4. Kenseth says:

    love mod!!! thanks you!

  5. wegger says:

    very nice trailer!

  6. Cruise says:

    Super, but date of file – 20 October 2015 !!!

  7. Cruise says:

    Need fakes and old mods – welcame !

  8. Mikael79 says:

    It’s Reupload,shoofer only use sharemods upload center , he’s my friend
    And don’t download this, because it old mod (2015)

    • doexpectnothing says:

      so is there any legal download of this trailer available? Maybe converted to 1.27? 🙂
      Greetings to Shoofer. I love his 1 series Scania 😀

      Best Regards!

  9. marco Scania Vabis says:

    Stupendo si può fare col l’asse sollevabile e l’asse sterzante? Grazie

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