Brick Trailers Pack

Brick-Trailers-1 Brick-Trailers-2

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This mod adding
Brick trailer + 15 cargo
The Trailer are available in:
BCP, FCP, Lkwlog, Posped, Stokes, Tradeaux, Transinet, Volvo Dealer, and Scania Dealer.
Trailer present in traffic.
Tested version 1.21

* Respect the download link *

Authors: SCS, Shoofer, GhostLord


5 thoughts on “Brick Trailers Pack

  1. Blaziken777Sverige

    When you see it, you’ll #### bricks

    1. you win a cookie, neighbour XD

      1. Blaziken777Sverige


  2. Good ! But You could do it better ?

  3. solaris36

    Not very nice.
    Not adapted to new traffic system mechanism, so not compatible with any trucks traffic mod, include jazzycat´s traffics packs.
    With this mod all trailer traffic it´s broken.
    Wheels disappear at short distance.
    Shoofer, you´re right, could do it much better. 🙂
    The trailer are very pretty, it´s ok.

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