Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v1.0


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Now you can go free from France to UK and enjoy an amazing city on island.City have many details,models and new expensive garage!Compatible with 1.14.x and all game mods!



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24 Responses to Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v1.0

  1. Sven says:

    Komplatibel mit anderen MAP´s???

  2. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    i test on Standart Map (1.14.2)
    I Play with old Save Game
    I once flew over it…

  3. John Snuh says:

    Dumbest #### I ever seen!

    • anto007 says:

      Do a best map than me!

    • anto007 says:

      Do a best map than me and after we can talk about my map

      • John Snuh says:

        Its not the map or the quality that is the dumbest #### ever its the idea of putting a bridge over the English channel you nugget!

        And I make plenty of mods from skinning,scripting,3d modelling and yes I’ve even done map edits, your not special kid your one of many thousands of people that can use the map editor so get off your high and mighty attitude with your “wheres your map mod then we compare BS!”
        I don’t need to prove anything to you!

        • anto007 says:

          This is your opinion,another people like my map.And no,i am not kid,you are kid because you just insult me or you are jealous.And if you know how to make mods,great job,do it and have fun.I don’t care about you,you are just a kid jealous!

  4. broky_skv says:

    Compatible with pro mods?

  5. marco says:

    come al solito non funziona con la tsm !!!!!!!!!!!
    bravi ….complimenti

  6. Ollie says:

    Do not work with Promods 🙁 🙁


    WOW! Great mod, especially the fancy garage in the middle of the bridge + the service station just in front of the garage. Guys you have to get this mod it’s great. Thanks anto007!

    • anto007 says:

      Thank you very much man,i will come with great maps very soon!

  8. M.r truck says:

    the next map u will build made it compatible with TSM map 😀
    you will have a great success anyway this is a great job u have done here

    Congratulation anto007!

  9. wanhoop says:

    Respect, John Snuh…or should I say John Doe?
    These kind of reactions are not motivating, they even can annoy people.
    It is a very nice effort, although I wonder how the traffic turns over to driving at the left side on the roundabout…
    Btw, the statue looks a lot like the one on the Afsluitdijk (Ir. Lely). Am I right?

  10. ets2bd says:

    can you make your next mods competable with promods please?

  11. ets2bd says:

    thanks! maybe to for your house? That gonna be so fantastic, please make more of these things!!!!

  12. slicker55 says:

    I have it working with promods, rusmap and brasil maps. To get it working, I renamed the file so that it loads after promods. only problem seems to be at one of the roundabouts on the Dover side where the road surface between the mod and the original map isn’t level and the truck just stops dead. (like invisible wall) but it is possible to find an alternative route to the bridge which works alright.

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