Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v2.0


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Now you can go free from France to UK and enjoy an amazing city on island.City have many details,models and new expensive garage!Compatible with 1.15.x and all game mods!

Update 2.0:-City get name “Dolais”
-Solved textures
-Garage available to save/buy/edit/teleport
-Compatible with 1.15.x and many another mod!



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11 thoughts on “Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v2.0

  1. ExperimentalTrucker

    Thanks. Would it be possible to add some depots/companies in the cities that you created in this mod & the Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v5.0 mod?

    1. Yes,i work now at update 6.0.I will add company buildings from Going North Dlc!

      1. marchamilton

        hi, this mod dont work for me !!
        i downloaded it and the serpentine mod, your mod and this mod had a def file and i cant get it to work !!!!

      2. marchamilton
  2. compatible with TSM 5.3 ??????

  3. nice. this Compatible with TSM map?

  4. Doesn’t work for me. 🙁
    The game cresh when is want to chose the city in France and if I start in Calais the bridge doesn’t apear in the game.

  5. scaniar440

    wel. it crashes on some places. even if i drive in Germany,

  6. this is not Compatible with TSM map

  7. Mod NOT working in 1.15.1
    Game crashes by loading the game.
    Update the game and than loading also not working.

  8. Game crashes when i come in osnabruck where volvo dealer is.
    and does it on other places as well/

    hope you can fix it, love the bridge but it really is a no for me at this time cause it crashes too much so i must avoid cities and deliveries with this mod on,
    if fixed i will try again.

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