Bright Headlights Traffic


At the request of users, has updated the mod!!!

– Bugs fixed
– Lights reflected on the pavement and in the cab of the truck
– Changed fog lights for all trucks default
– Added the ability to pass through barriers(no damages) on the toll!!!!



4 thoughts on “Bright Headlights Traffic

  1. Какие файлы удалить из этого архива чтобы проезд через барьеры остался с возможностью повреждения?

  2. It is valid for all maps?

  3. Arthur Vince

    also works with ATS?

  4. This is the best lights mod currently available, since True AI Lights isn’t updated anymore. However, it could use some improvement.

    I think the author went a bit overboard with the high beam – it’s too #### bright. And there is a glitch, the light keeps flickering inside the cabin of my truck when I activate the high beam. I can’t use this mod because of this.

    What I’d really like to see would be a version of this mod that didn’t change the beam lighting on our truck, since I already use a xenon lights mod. What I really wanted this mod for is because of the ai headlights and tailights, that are too dim in vanilla.

    Also, the author really should remove the no toll damage thing and release it as a separate mod or at least in a separate .scs file, some people just want a light mod and nothing else.

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