Brighter Headlights of traffic

Brighter Headlights-2 Brighter Headlights-1

I’m tired of the traffic cars, ghosts which are present in the traffic,i.e., light far and near still visible, and the dimensions are visible only when odness his ass!!! I’m here with different mods took flyers and made your mod!!!

Author: Sergx54


5 Responses to Brighter Headlights of traffic

  1. rv3wu says:

    Too bright half can be weaker

  2. fredy says:

    Yes, too bright.

  3. matpol98 says:

    At night it looks realistic, but at day its just meh… Guess its not possible to fix though.

  4. davidl91 says:

    nice , good job thank you

  5. blunt says:

    Lol @ the google translated mod description!

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