Bring Scania R 2016 Skin

This is bring skin for Scania R 2016 only!
Tested in 1.32x
You can share on any site but do not re-upload the mod.
Find any bugs contact:
[email protected]




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6 thoughts on “Bring Scania R 2016 Skin

  1. There are a million skin Bring
    also the other below created the usual skin
    It makes no sense to redo the already edited works

    1. And this Skins are in the Trailerpacks from Kast.
      Other way, zoso, you are right. Nobody has new Ideas.
      Always the same. 🙁

    2. Make your own skins, what’s the problem?

  2. They do not want to accept the concept of play and respect for others,
    he likes the dish ready.
    When I try to make people understand, their answer is: I have not stolen I have not copied myself.
    For these reasons I share very few jobs but I continue to create my own skins
    I have a full hard disk, and with the first skins created on the color.DDS files.
    I greet you CiaoZ JoachimK

    1. AddyJCustoms

      Hahaha so funny. I know Bring skin is already in the Kast trailer pack. But it’s not for the trailer with dolly. I can’t see any bring skin on Scania R 2016 Tandem + Dolly trailer. Not for 1.32. 1.32 have diffirent skin system from 1.31. And this skin. I made from bring logo from google. When I posted it on facebook’s group many want this skin. That’s why I upload it here. You don’t like it så just keep scrolling you don’t need to comment anything.

      1. your answer is equal to your brain
        it is not correct to use the textures of other skinners
        but when you understand something it will always be very late.

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